Express Drive Locations

Pep Boys Dallas
2992 Forest Ln
Dallas TX 75234

Pep Boys Bedford
3305 Harwood Rd
Bedford, TX 76021

Meineke Pantego
3201 W Pioneer Pkwy Arlington
Pantego, TX 76013-4620 US

Monday – Friday
9 AM – 5 PM

Midsize Vehicle

vehicle selection subject to availability

$219/week + taxes and fees
Unlimited personal miles

Hertz Rental

  • Have good standing with Hertz

  • Must complete 20+ rides per week

  • 25 years or older

  • Valid credit or debit card in driver’s name (Pre-paid cards will not be accepted)

  • No smoking in the car

Become an
Express Drive Renter

Rental Rewards

Lyft’s Rental Rewards Program helps reduce your weekly rental costs. Each week, Lyft determines if you’re eligible for rental incentives. If so, we automatically add the bonus amount to your earnings.

Rental Rewards are based on:

  • Total rides given

Check out the ‘Earnings’ tab of your Driver Dashboard to see your specific Rental Rewards requirements and learn more.

Bonus Eligibility

  • Express Drivers can receive weekly guarantees and sign-on bonuses if they sign up with a code and meet all requirements.

  • Express Drivers can receive a referral bonus for referring others, but cannot earn a bonus for being referred.

  • Express Drivers cannot earn Weekly Ride Challenge Bonuses. Instead, rental drivers are eligible for Rental Rewards.

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