Late Night Drives

You’ve heard the stories about the weekend party crowd. We’re here with the facts — and the data — about what it’s like to drive long after the sun has gone down.

Advice from fellow night-owls in Dallas-Ft Worth

Late night hot-spots where demand is bound to be high:



Oak Lawn


Lower Greenville


Legacy West

West 7th Street




The Scoop On Late Night Driving

  • What's the deal with sick riders? A sick rider may come along once in every 3000 rides. You’re unlikely to get one, but in case you do, here’s how to handle it: take two photos and tell us what happened via our Help Center within 24 hours of incident.

  • How will late night rides affect my driver rating? Riders are just as likely to give 5 stars late at night as they are during other hours. Driving during party hours will not affect your rating.

  • What does rider demand look like late night? Demand is typically 100% higher in DFW from 11PM - 2AM, compared to other times.

  • How much more will I earn if I drive late night? Drivers in DFW earn on average 42% more from 11PM - 2AM than they do at other times.

Driver Tips:

Tip #1

Keep your A/C on, this will help settle any 'uncomfortable' riders

 Tip #2

Carry water for dehydrated riders 

Tip #3

Encourage your riders to speak up if they need a break

Tip #4

Having candy or mints is a crowd-pleaser


We have your back! Should the unexpected occur, here's how to reach support...

Non-safety incidents & damage:

Take two photos. Identify the ride time and rider name (that requested ride). Reach out within 24hrs.

Critical Response Line:

911 is always your first line of defense. Immediately after, contact our Trust & Safety team who is here for you 24/7. If you need to report an accident, rider behavior that threatened your personal safety, or if you receive a regulatory citation, get fast help by going to this page and tapping the 'Call Me' button.